Tag Heuer Replica Watches

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  • November 19, 2015
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2014 is 43th year from Jo Siffert’s death. 43 years ago, this vigorous Swiss racer died in a tragedy car race. Jo Saiffert was the first promotion ambassador for replica tag heuer watches which is also the coolest chronograph watches in the history.

Jo Siffert was the first promotion ambassador for Tag Heuer F1 series. He put Tag Heuer’s logo on the case to promote Tag Heuer F1 and other Tag Heuer watches. Among Tag Heuer’s watches, there was one that is closely connected to him—Autavia Ref.1163T (also known as Autavia Jo Siffert). Gradually, Autavia Ref.1163T attracts generations and finally was sold at 46800 dollars at Haslinger Auction on Bonham. The legend of Siffert Autavia led to the reprinted editions on 2002. Recently, the reprinted edition and old editions become hot, and the Carrera reedition ranks first among those editions. After Jack Tag Heuer came back to Tag Heuer and served as the honor president, Tag Heuer launched three Autavia reeditons, namely, the Jo Siffert, Orange Boy and a golden edition.

For the replica tag watches uk, if you check it with eyepiece carefully, you can find tiny traces, which is the tweezers marking left by installations, true watch does not see the trace of similar at all. Whose watch hands shape has obvious difference with the true Tag Heuer watches, the second hand of fake ones are poorly made, and relatively short, which is the biggest problem, as for the true one generally the seconds hands are longer than or equal to the length of the minute hands. For the blue steel hands of the fake Tag Heuer watches, they are generally covered with paint, with a little transparent feeling, however the blue steel of the true ones is the blue color produced by the metal hot working process, which looks more deeper, and the light refraction is smaller.